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Service Learning » What is Service Learning?

What is Service Learning?


Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that combines real-world application of academic content through service to the community.  It gives students the opportunity to put what they learn in the classroom into practice in real life and is the answer to the age old question all students have "Why do I need to know this stuff?"  Doing this allows the students see their entire community as a place of learning and begin to form a bond with his or her community that will be continued long after graduation from the Service Learning School District. 

In order to receive the best possible results for students Service Learning is integrated into the normal academic curriculum. Using Service Learning makes for a much more enriching learning experience. Education becomes relevant and the classroom extends to the entire community. Math, Science, Social Studies and more are all applied, used and made relatable in a way that really matters. While students are learning classroom skills they also become aware that they can affect much needed change right in their own backyard.